Digitalization in Construction Project Management

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Digitalization in the construction & engineering industry is clearly taking-off faster and faster.

New software tools are shooting up like mushrooms. All of them with their strengths and their inevitable weaknesses.

The quest for the best-fit software landscape is a major challenge for construction & engineering companies. The perfect software package does nor exist. Which tools do we need? How should we integrate them?

In this fast-changing market, it is impossible to be knowledgeable on all tools on the market. Software vendors can help, but will ultimately try to convince you that their software is your best choice.

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Proove Technology will help you to select & implement the best possible tool landscape

Frédéric Debouche
Lead Proove Technology

Why involving Proove?

  • We have a vast experience in selecting and implementing project management tools.
  • We are 100% independent of any software vendor and will always act as a trusted advisor in the best interest of our client
  • We understand your business very well. We are no IT professionals, but construction & engineering professionals with deep knowledge of IT.
  • We don't only look at tools, but also at related people and processes.
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How to start?

What are the best first steps to start digitalization and improvement?

Proove Maturity Scan

The Proove Maturity Scan is a proven tool to help uncovering the best path to your goals by benchmarking your project management practices with industry best practices.


The aim of this benchmark is to perform a thorough analysis of the current practices, at your organization, in the area of project controls. The current situation (AS IS) will be benchmarked against industry best practices and against our own vast experience.

Next, the desired situation (TO BE) is defined and a gap analysis will analyze the differences between the current and desired situation. The outcome of the gap analysis will be used to formulate solid recommendations on how the desired end-state can be realized.

The maturity scan investigates processes, people and tools and will be organized around the following use cases within project controls:

Scope of maturity scan
Scope of maturity scan


Our maturity scan is divided into four phases: initiation, interviewing, diagnosis and reporting.

In the initiation phase, the scope and planning of the maturity scan will be defined.

The current and desired situation are analyzed through informal workshops (typically two days) and through review of existing documentation. It is the aim to discuss with many stakeholders with a different view on projects and project controls.

After the interviews, the actual benchmark (i.e. diagnosis) is performed by our consultants. The maturity levels are objectively scored based on fixed set of characteristics per subject. Based on these scorecards the current situation will be visualized.

The findings and recommendations of the Maturity Scan are presented in a final vision report by our consultants.

Un investissement rentable

Investir dans un scan de maturité est payant. Elle garantit de meilleures solutions, un soutien plus large et une stratégie claire pour les voies d'amélioration qui en découlent.

Nos meilleurs projets ont toujours commencé par un scan de maturité

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