Integrated Project Controls System at SPG Dry Cooling

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SPG Dry Cooling is a global leader in air-cooled condensers and coolers. They needed a project controls tool to help improve execution. Together with Proove, they selected and implemented Oracle Primavera Cloud and within six months had sped execution time by 4-6 weeks.

Starting on the right foot

SPG Dry Cooling were looking for a project controls system. When they contacted Proove as Primavera P6 dealer, we were able to convince them to first perform an organizational benchmark to analyze their needs. We know that selecting the right tool is not an easy choice and involving all major stakeholders in the decision process pays off.

The benchmark resulted in varied recommendations to improve project controls in their organization, including the implementation of an integrated project controls system. SPG Dry Cooling followed our reasoning to opt for Oracle Primavera Cloud. A courageous decision by VP Operations Dimitri de Suray and CEO Andreas Coumnas as Oracle Primavera Cloud was at that time a newly introduced software solution with a lot of promise, but no real references or experience from our side. Going for ‘the future’ needed some vision and guts.

Key facts
  • Centralization of scheduling, risk management and cost control in one solution
  • 4-6 weeks reduction of project delivery time
  • Improved team commitment by lean task scheduling
  • Increased insight by comprehensive project dashboards
  • Real-time progress monitoring for engineering
Applied services
Stijn Van de Vonder
Managing Director Proove

The SPG Dry Cooling is one of these that make me proud. I believe that the creativity of our technology consultants Frédéric Debouche and João Miranda really made the difference. Challenging projects like these are the reason why we hire A+ talent.

Een goede start

SPG Dry Cooling was op zoek naar een systeem voor project controls. Toen ze contact opnamen met Proove als Primavera P6-dealer, konden we hen ervan overtuigen om eerst een organisatorische benchmark uit te voeren om hun behoeften te analyseren. We weten dat de keuze van de juiste tool niet eenvoudig is en dat het loont om alle belangrijke stakeholders bij de besluitvorming te betrekken.

De benchmark resulteerde in uiteenlopende aanbevelingen om de project controls in de organisatie te verbeteren, waaronder de implementatie van een geïntegreerd systeem voor project controls. SPG Dry Cooling volgde onze redenering en koos voor Oracle Primavera Cloud. Een moedige beslissing van VP Operations Dimitri de Suraÿ en CEO Andreas Coumnas, want Oracle Primavera Cloud was op dat ogenblik een nieuwe oplossing die veel beloofde maar nog geen echte referenties had en waarmee wij geen ervaring hadden. Er was dus visie en durf nodig om ‘voor de toekomst’ te gaan.

The implementation

We started the implementation with a blueprint phase where the business processes were in detail compared to the capabilities of the tool. Gaps were discovered and solutions or workarounds provided. It should be said that Oracle Primavera Cloud was at that time not yet the mature solution that it is today. The implementation required a lot of ingenuity by our consultants to make it a success.


The result

Oracle Primavera Cloud today is the central project controls system at SPG Dry Cooling. All their projects are managed within this system. It offers scope management, project cost controls, scheduling, risk management and lean task management. We have developed interfaces with their document management system (for engineering progress) and with their ERP system (for actuals).

The central database also allows for powerful reporting and dashboarding. Having a real-time oversight of how all projects are performing on physical progress, time, budget, resources and risk in one central place, is a dream of many senior executives. A dream that we could help making reality at SPG Dry Cooling.

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